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For a new parent every little thing the young kid did seem like a big millstone. You will remember for whole of your life, when your kid smiles for the first, when his teething process begins, when he start crawling and when he takes the first step without your help. Every moment is a memorable one for whole life. If your baby haven`t started walking yet, then you may also worry about when babies start walking?  First signal that your baby gives you that he is becoming ready for walking is that he starts cruising. When you see this you should encourage him in developing this habit. This will generally starts during 4th week of 12th months.  Following are few steps that you can take to encourage your baby for walking independently.

  • You should take hold of your baby`s hand and allow her to walk for some distance. This will not only allow her to improve her balance but also she feels confident while walking on two feet.
  • One thing that is really important for you to understand is to avoid walkers. The reason is that these walkers can reduce the learning process. Further your baby will be at high risk of being injured.
  • Stationary activity centers are important for allowing babies to play safely and that too while standing on their feet.

If your baby reaches the age where she should start walking but she didn`t then this is not a thing to worry a lot. Because there are many kids who can take little extra time to start walking but in case if she didn`t start walking till the age of 18 months then you should consult some specialist. When baby start to walk it is fine otherwise she may be doing following activities.

  • She will be leaning on furniture to be in standing position, and may succeed in standing for few seconds on her own.
  • She will try to walk while holding home furniture.
  • She tries to make a step or two towards you or another family member before falling.

This is how babies start walking, they fall they get up and learn how to walk. Everyone of us have gone through the same process of learning.

-AD -

When babies start to walk?