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If you haven`t been pregnant before and you are trying to conceive for the first time, then you may be worried about lots of factors. Further you may also be confused about pregnancy symptoms. So if you really don`t know what are some of the early pregnancy signs, then you should read this article and you will get to know exactly what are these. Your body is finely tuned complex machine, giving you signals about every new thing happening inside. Similarly pregnancy is a big change that occurs in your body. So your body will respond to this change and let you know various symptoms.

Every person is different to other, similarly every body`s reaction is different than others. Some of the moms to be will notice few quite sings at the start but others may screaming out loud that “I am pregnant” by showing all signs together. This is because of the fluctuations in hormones that happen inside your body and your body is learning about how to deal with this changed levels, so most women do feel all the early pregnancy signs together. If you don`t know the pregnancy symptoms then you should know these first.

Raised Basal Body Temperature

A girl`s basal body temperature which is the lowest body temperature that you have during rest starts increasing after ovulation and remains the same even after you are done with your periods. The raise in basal body temperature is normally one half to one degree Fahrenheit is enough to act as a first warning that you are pregnant. To get the best idea about you being pregnant or not through basal body temperature is first to know about its normal range when you are non-pregnant. If you know it then you will be able to make an idea about your pregnancy.

Tenderness in Nipples and Breasts

This is one of the biggest signs of pregnancy but usually not noticed by many. Most women think that this tenderness is either because of their clothes or bras and ignore it right away. Once your body gets acquainted with new hormone levels, this tenderness gets ended. So if you are feeling any such situation then you should listen to your body carefully.

More prominent and darker areolas

With the changes that occur in your nipples and breast your areolas will also get bigger and swell too. This is also among the early pregnancy symptoms that normally happen near the time you are thinking of your period. It is also believe by many that this dark coloring of areola helps the kid in locating the nipple easily for breastfeeding. Once you give birth to your baby, your areolas and nipples will get back to normal size and color.


Constipation is also one of those clues that can help in understanding that you are pregnant. You may be thinking that is there anybody who don`t get constipated even without becoming pregnant? Yes you are right, but in case of pregnancy, the changes that occur in hormone level play a big part in interrupting your normal timing and frequency of bowel movement. Mostly women don`t focus on this factor and right it off and think of it as a separate issue.


Moderate or light spotting is normal and it happens just before your supposed period. Brownish or pink spotting is normal and it happens after a week or so from ovulation. In some of the cases this spotting can also be a sign of early period. To be sure that you are pregnant, you should look for some other signs along with spotting and can also go for pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Frequent Urination

If you think of few of the clearest signs of early pregnancy, then frequent urination is one of them. This is regarded is an earliest clues. This situation happens to you after 12 days once your basal body temperature start rising or you can say that when you are around six weeks into first trimester. You can blame it to the change in hormonal levels, but the real thing is that with the increase of blood in your body through pregnancy, you feel the need to pee after every 5 minutes. With the increase in blood level, there are extra fluids that are flowing through kidneys which actually cause the need to pee after every five minutes.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Nausea and Vomiting

It is normally known as “morning sickness”. This pregnancy symptom occur in almost every pregnant women, when she is about sixth week into pregnancy. This is also because of the changes in hormone level. Most of the doctors are of the view that morning sickness is an indication that everything is going good with your baby and he is developing well. If vomiting also accompanies morning sickness, then you should try to remain hydrated.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Missed menstrual period

There are lots of reasons for which you may miss menstrual period. Illness, stress, reaction to food, excessive exercise or any medicine can be a reason of missed menstrual period. But you should know that it is also a classic pregnancy symptom. If you are having regular periods, and you are not experiencing any other reason for missing period then you should think of it as an early pregnancy sign.

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