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Motherhood is one of the most important and beautiful feeling for all women. No matter if you decided about becoming pregnant right now or not but there are few factors that you must know, that can impact your chances to conceive. There are few factors that can prevent you from becoming pregnant. So if you don`t know these in advance then you are reducing your chances of enjoying the most wonderful feeling of motherhood.


Age is one of the biggest factors that can stop you from being pregnant. It impacts your fertility more than any other factor. You should understand that all women are born with total number of eggs they will ever have, and with the passage of time you get older, then the quality and quantity of those eggs start declining. Menopause may not occur before you reach 50 years of age but in most of the cases fertility of women start declining sharply when they reach 35 years of age. As soon as you reach 40, the chances of becoming pregnant reach to less than 5% per menstrual cycle. It means that if 100 women of above 40 years of age try to conceive, only 5 of them become successful every month. You may think that there are different kinds of medicines that may help you in getting pregnant even if you aged in high forties or early fifties than you should know that its chances are almost the same as for the normal pregnancy without medication.

What to do

If you have no plans of getting pregnant right now, then you must think of freezing your eggs. Yes you heard it right; you can go for cryopreservation, as it can help in preventing your eggs from aging inside your body. This way if you wanted to have babies afterwards and you are facing difficulty, then you can become your own egg donor.


Our health depends a lot on our genes. Same way these genes also have a great impact on our fertility. It also has a connection with age of menopause. If your grandmother, mother or sister have experience menopause, then you are at a six times greater risk of experiencing it before the age of 40 years.  With a latest research at Stanford University, it is found that there is a link between hormone level and certain genetic markers that shows that our reproduction lifespan is very nearly fixed by our own genetics.

 What to do

You have to be proactive and should talk to the female family members, like your sister or mother about fertility or menopause. If any one of them or more tells you about their difficulty in conceiving or premature menopause, then you should know that you are at a risk of facing the same difficulty. At this stage you should go to your doctor and ask her to do some fertility tests and guide you about the way forward. The best and secure solution for this is to freeze your eggs to be used in future.

Medical History

Another factor that prevent from becoming pregnant is medical history. In some of the cases medical history comes as a hindrance for conceiving. If you have undergone ovarian surgery, you have to face the treatment of removal of cyst or treated for endometriosis, this all can damage your ovaries or can limit your ovarian reserves. Further if getting radiation or chemotherapy, for cancer or any other illness, it can also damage or destroy women`s eggs and sometime causes early menopause. Actually egg freezing was developed to provide women a chance to get pregnant after going through these fertility damaging treatments. Your fertility chances can also be reduced because of the untreated sexually transmitted infection as it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which will damage reproduction system.

What to do

Incase if you are looking to go through radiation, chemo, ovarian surgery or any related treatment, you should ask doctor about its impact on your reproduction chances. If the risk is there, then you should go for egg freezing facility. Further you should also go for regular tests for  sexually transmitted infections, even in the absence of any symptoms, because there are few infections which don`t have any symptom.


You must know that with your age, biology and genetics, your lifestyle too have a major impact on your fertility. As per the studies, around 13% of overall infertility cases belong to cigarette smoking. Smoking can damage your eggs as well as cause chromosomal damage to it. Women who smoke may reach menopause 4 years earlier than a nonsmoker. Other than smoking some other factors like being underweight or overweight or not getting proper sleep can also cause difficulty in getting pregnant.

What to do

The important thing to know about the lifestyle factors that prevent from becoming pregnant is mostly reversible. You can quit smoking, and get good diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. You can also manage your sleep cycle to get proper sleep as required.

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Factors Prevent from Becoming Pregnant