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Be Careful If Your Children Do These! In case your child is having problems in terms of studying, you should not ignore this by thinking that “my kid is naughty”. These problems may cause serious mental problems in the future.

In case your child does not obey the rules in the school, having problems in studying and feel the need of jump and move, not be able to stand in one place for a long time, you should not ignore these by believing that your child is naughty. These symptoms may cause serious mental problems in your children in the future.

Also, they can turn into individuals who have serious problems in their academic and social life.

These symptoms may also reveal that your child has Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

Well, what is hyperactivity disorder and what are the symptoms?

Hyperactivity disorder is a neuropsychiatric disorder. Habits in the diet, stress and environmental conditions can cause this discomfort. When this disorder is ignored in childhood, the individual may later develop a psychological depression and this will cause him to fail in his business and school lives.

In case the following symptoms we have provided below are seen in your child before the age 7, you should definitely apply to an expert psychiatrist.

Here are those symptoms

He doesn’t want to go school and have hard times in obeying rules

They usually have disproportionate school success with their mental capacities. They do not want to go school and have hard times in obeying rules.

He gets mad suddenly and loses the control quickly

When they feel that they are not respected and approved in their friendships they will feel negative feelings. In case they will not receive the support from their family and school, they may be in depression and experience anxiety disorders.

As a result of this, they will turn into individuals who get mad suddenly and severely and lose their control.

He avoids from tasks that required mental effort

They usually avoid from tasks that required mental effort. They are often forgetful in daily activities, and usually lose their goods tools such as pen, books and other school tools.

He talks a lot and interrupts other’s speech.

They talk a lot. They forget what they were about to say when starting a conversation and talk about something else. They usually interrupt other’s speech or intervene what they do. They usually don’t wait their turn. They exhibit impatient, rude and fussy attitude.

He needs to move while studying at home

When they are studying for exams they feel the need to move, get up to drink water or go to the toilet too often. Their length of attention in the lessons is very limited. They have difficulty in sitting back after the distraction.

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Be Careful If Your Children Do These!